Digital Multimeter featuring TTL logic test for digital circuits with additional temperature and frequency measurement functions. True RMS, non-sinusoidal waveform, the backlight and the built-in phase rotation meter allow an easy measurement process. Features high-quality and durable constructions, as all of our 300-range products.
Display: 3½ digits
AC V: 1mV - 700V
DC V: 0.1mV – 1000V
AC A: 10μA - 20A
DC A: 10μA - 20A
Resistance: 0.1Ω - 200MΩ
Temperature: -40°C - +1000°C
Capacity: 1pF - 20μF
Frequency: 1Hz - 200kHz
Diode test:
Continuity test:
Auto power-off:
Transistor test:
LED indicator:
Data hold:
Voltage detector with sound and light indicator:
• 9V Battery
• Banana Plug Thermocouple
• Test Leads

User Manual