The new Maxwell range is part of the new, compact sized of MP group. In addition to the basic functions, they are equipped with light sensored automatic backlight and featured with automatic measurement range changes. The heavy-duty housing allows you to use the device without any problem in each and every situation.
Display: 3½ digit
AC V: 1 mV - 600 V
DC V: 0.1 mV - 600 V
AC A: 0.1 μA - 10 A
DC A: 0.1 μA - 10 A
Resistance: 0.1 Ω - 20 MΩ
Temperature: -20°C - 750°C / -4°F - 1382°F
Diode test:
Continuity test:
Data hold:
• Test probe
• Wristband
• Thermometer probe
• Battery (2 x AAA - 1,5V)

User Manual